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Abstract and Article acceptance

Abstract and Article acceptance

Azerbaijan Breast Diseases Association is pleased to announce the acceptance of abstracts and articles in the I INTERNATIONAL BREAST CANCER CONGRESS.

Evaluation of Theses and Papers:

✓Paper abstracts will not be included in the final program by the scientific committee until a completed registration form has been received from the keynote speaker

✓Abstracts of oral presentations, abstracts of video presentations and poster presentations will be published in the electronic journal

✓If theses are not filled in correctly, the scientific committee may refuse to publish them

✓Acceptance of advertising information (device, drug) may be refused by the scientific committee

✓The first author will be informed by the scientific committee about the acceptance of theses

✓The scientific committee will determine in which part of the program (oral or poster presentation) the presented material will be published

✓Theses are reviewed by the scientific committee

✓The responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the published data rests with the authors who submitted the data


✓The organizing committee is not responsible for things that happened, loss of or damage to special property caused by a person

✓Participants may voluntarily obtain insurance policies at congresses and other events

The process of submitting abstract|theses and papers

The process of submitting abstract|theses and papers

The deadline for submission paper theses and abstracts to the Congress secretariat is September 20, 2023

You can fill out the form given in the link below and send it to jbreastdiseases@gmail.com by e-mail, or you can send the abstract or your paper thesis online by this link: https://ref.az/2jJanfb

Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee of the Congress and the final decision will be announced on September 30, 2023. Accepted abstracts and articles will be published in the Journal of the Azerbaijan Association of Breast Diseases

For the attention of the speakers

For the attention of the speakers

Along with theses submitted for the oral presentation, the author's "Curriculum vita", a copy of the identity card and a photo should also be submitted.

Information for presenters

Information for presenters

Oral presentation:

Each speaker must check and approve his presentation in a special review room at least 1 hour before his presentation. The duration of the presentation is 15 minutes.

Video presentation:

Video presentation for demonstration is accepted at least 1 day before presentation.

Poster presentation:

The speaker's poster presentation material must be placed at the place and time specified by the regulations. The duration of the speech is 5 minutes.

Display rules for poster presentation:

Size: the poster presentation should not be more than 90 cm wide and 150 cm high.

The font size should not be less than 25 mm in the title and 10 mm in the text. Pictures, diagrams, graphs and other visual materials should be read well from a distance of 1 meter.

Rules for submission of Abstracts/Theses

Theses should contain specific results of completed research. In theses, the results of the research should not be processed like statements, etc. that will be given in the paper presentation.

Theses should be submitted to the address of the scientific committee via e-mail.

Theses can be written in Azerbaijan, Russian, Turkish or English. Abstracts should be prepared according to the given form.

Recommended size of characters: "Times New Roman", 12. Maximum length of theses - 300 words. The title should be printed in capital letters, not abbreviated. In the line after the title, the authors and their initials are written, academic names and positions are not indicated. (for example, associate professor, candidate of medical sciences, etc.).

The structure of theses includes "Research objective", "Materials and methods", "Results" and "Conclusion". The title of the work and the purpose of the research should be written as briefly as possible. Sufficient information should be written in the "Materials and methods", "Results" and "Conclusion" sections so that the scientific committee can evaluate the presented research.

It is not allowed to place tables, graphs and pictures in theses.

Generally accepted abbreviations are allowed in the text of theses, but before the initial abbreviation, it is necessary to give its explanation in the text.

Abstracts consisting of clinical observation will be accepted as a poster presentation or video presentation.

Authors should determine in advance in what form they wish to present their material (oral presentation, video presentation, poster presentation or thesis).

The thesis data sent to the scientific committee by fax, WhatsApp will not be accepted.

Priority topics for abstracts, theses and papers

•Etiology and epidemiology of tumors

•Biology and pathogenesis of tumors

•Prevention and screening of oncological diseases

•Fundamentals and oncology

•Pre-tumor diseases and malignant tumors

•New diagnostic methods in oncology

•Invasive radiology

•Artificial intelligence

•Surgery of tumor diseases

•Chemotherapy of tumor diseases

•Radiotherapy of tumor diseases

•Endocrine treatment of tumor diseases

•Target and biological treatment of tumor diseases

•Immunotherapy of tumor diseases

•Symptomatic treatment and palliative care

•Complications and rehabilitation

•Oncology service, deontology

•The role of the plastic surgeon in oncological diseases

•Oncology and robotic surgery

•Tumor process and endocrine diseases

•Breast tumors and their relation to gynecological diseases

•Oncological diseases and psycho-emotional condition

•Oncology and genetics

•Oncology and pain

•Oncology and anesthesiology

•Oncology and emergency situations

•Oncology and cardiology problems

•Oncology and hematology

•Oncology and Covid 19

•Clinical case discussion


Recommendations for preparing abstracts and theses

Title: ...

List of authors: List all authors and medical institutions represented. Mention the author who will make the presentation.

Author1, Author2, Author3

1Institution 1: Department, Institution Name, City, Country

2Institution 1: Department, Institution Name, City, Country

3Institution 1: Department, Institution Name, City, Country

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